Future home of

Irony Cycles

Best Custom Bicycle Frames in the World,

If Not The Entire State of Washington!

A wise man once said to me "you don't know the meaning of the word irony!"
But my frames are steel,which is, like, 90% iron, right? That makes them very iron-y.
Q.E.D!   Whataya say now, Mr. Wise Guy?

Not ready to unveil anything yet (or even make a basic webpage apparently...)
Check back in for updates, which I expect to happen, um, maybe when pigs fly.

Until then, just let your imagination run rampant...
What I unveil will hopefully be almost that good!

I will at least try to make it not suck too bad.


I am Mark Bulgier, and I approved this message — ironically.
To email me, see if you can work out the following puzzle:
mark at bulgier dot net